Mission Statement

It is the mission of Lake Township Fire Department to prevent the loss of life and diminish the loss of property through planning, prevention and progression through state-of-the-art equipment, skill and resource.


Lake Township Fire Department is dedicated to being the best community focused Fire and EMS Department that meets the ever changing needs of our community while ensuring a safe and secure environment for all through professional development, unity and teamwork.

The Lake Township Fire Department was formed on the first of June 1991 by the merging of the Walbridge - Lake Fire Department and the Millbury Fire Department. With the merger, the Fire Department's manpower and equipment doubled. This was necessary with the growth in population and business in the Township. For many years our EMS was contracted by a private agency and in April of 2018 we took over this service and we provide 24/7 ALS to the Township. Today the Township continues to grow and our runs continue to increase. We cover an urban, rural and an industrial base area covering approximately 35 square miles of territory and we are responsible for Fire and EMS services covering all of Lake Township, Village of Millbury and the Village of Walbridge. Our residential population is approximately 10,972 residents. Our transient and daytime population is much larger as we have Interstate 280, Interstate 80 (Ohio Turnpike) and State Routes 51, 163, 579 and 795 crossing our Township. Exit 71 of the Ohio Turnpike is located in the Township and we have approximately six large truck stops in proximity to the turnpike exit. We also have a good industrial base with several large companies from steel processing to solar panel manufacturing. Lake Township is also home to Toledo Executive Airport and two Rail Yards.

The Fire Department is headed up by a Full Time Fire Chief and a Full Time Deputy Chief who is in charge of the EMS. We operate out of three Stations and we are staffed by Part Time and Volunteer Fire/EMS professionals. These people are trained in fire ground operations up to Firefighter II qualifications, EMS operations; EMT, Advanced EMT and Paramedic, Haz Mat Operations; Technician and Specialist, Instructors in Fire and EMS.

Station 26

 27975 Cummings Rd., Millbury Ohio

Station 26 is our EMS Station housing the 24/7Medics.


Station 27

4505 E. Union St., Walbridge Ohio

Station 27 houses a Rescue Engine, Tanker, Brush Truck, Medic, Portable Light Plant and a Reserve Engine.


Station 28
1911 Ayers Rd., Millbury Ohio.

Station 28 houses a Rescue Engine, 75’ Quint, ARFF Unit, Tanker, Medic,
Utility Vehicle, Portable Air Trailer and Haz Mat Response Trailer.


As Lake Township continues to grow we are ready to grow and meet the challenges.